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Jack Barakat, Nick Cocozzella, and Gabe Saporta are great people.

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I’m sorry.
I’m not on here much
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Being a couch potato. #lazy #food (Taken with GifBoom)

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i’m sorry the photo’s so shitty.
cream panic at the disco shirt (small but it’s more like a medium)
glamour kills striped “exist” shirt (small) 
black t.oro shirt (small) ((for reference it’s THIS shirt because my pic is really bad)) (((apparently it’s decently rare so ha HA)))
purple glamour kills flying pig shirt (small)
white my chemical romance “young and loaded” shirt (small, but still kinda big)
white all time low shirt
black cute is what we aim for shirt
all time low booklet with pictures and band member bios
paramore “brand new eyes” journal (it’s like a copy of all the original lyrics from the album and some of hayley’s personal commentary)
an unopened copy of patrick stump’s “soul punk”
i’m not putting a ban on how many times you can reblog but please don’t be a douchebag about it
likes count
you don’t have to be following me but it would be really nice if you were ahem and also helpful so you can keep up with the progress of the giveaway
i’ll ship to the us, canada, and the uk (but if you’re really a nice person you’ll pay shipping to the uk because i’m a poor high school student)
winner will be chosen on august 20th (random date ftw)
i’ll contact the winner via ask, if i don’t get a reply within 24 hours i’ll pick a new winner
winner will be chosen with a random number choosing thingy whatever it’s called yeah so it’s fair
ok have fun peasants


i will never forgive my parents for not living in baltimore and not conceiving me at the time jack alex zack and rian were

theyre so inconsiderate omfg

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super hetero


oh my god look how cUTE HE IS JUST LOOK AT HIM 

holds gun to my head

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After getting hurt countless times you start to become a jerk.

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sometimes im afraid to listen to new music because what if i fall in love with all the band members do you know how much effort and sweat and tears it takes to obsess over bands do u

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